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Patrick Seabase – Fabric

Patrick Seabase – Fabric from Fabric on Vimeo.

A superb and beautifully shot film of Patrick Seabase showing you how its done on a fixed gear bike. This definitely pushing the boundaries of brakeless riding in the mountains.

Grande-Dixence / and

Col du Sanetsch /


The Ridge – Danny Macaskill

Danny takes a trip on his Santa Cruz Bronson tackling the Black Cuillin ridge.  Located on the Isle of Skye (Danny’s home on the west coast of Scotland) the ridge is infamous for its jagged trails, wild weather and dramatic climbing route up the “Inaccessible Pinnacle”.

The film says it all with the amazing views, Danny’s skillful riding and some slick aerial footage, a most watch!


For the major lack of posts over the past months. We are keeping everything going we are planning more merchandise and a complete site overhaul! We love all the support from you guys so thanks so much.

Also If any of you folk out there would like us to feature anything on the site, please hit us up with an email. Big thanks to those who have already sent stuff through we will try and feature as much as possible.

Anyway keep pedaling! and when your not watch this space for some new stuff soon!


Velocatharsis is a clothing line dedicated to the iron-willed cyclist who thrives on adversity. Pushing limits, surpassing thresholds, and converting negativity into fuel to achieve more in life. No mountain high enough, no valley low enough.

Filming and editing: Victor Quintana
Soundtrack: “Black Becomes The Sun” by Monarch

Red Bull Hill Chasers 2014 – Edinburgh

Hill Chasers 2014 – Edinburgh from Charge Bikes on Vimeo.

I managed to get over to Edinburgh to check out the finals of this years Red Bull Hill Chasers in Edinburgh and it was bleddy freezing stood up on that hill, but it was super fun to watch! with some incredibly fast riders bleddy ell!… any way heres a video from Charge summarising the event! |