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Fixed & Bingo

Yezz yizz yay!! get bleddy involved!!


1st — An Extra Strong Beast (ESB yo) frame and fork in an exclusive F&W colourway.
2nd — A bunch of great stuff from The 5th FloorThe Foot DownFixed Shit UpZlogRare Kind,Fixed, And What and the 4TN range.
So the first person to get a full house gets 1st prize, first person to get two rows gets 2nd prize, and first person to get one row gets 3rd.

Markers available on the night!


It’s £5 a ticket. Come on, that’s pretty good. You’re gonna get a free magazine and an equal chance to win some fucking cool shit. You can buy as many as you like, but the amount being sold is limited to 100, that’s just in case we get 500 people playing at once, which could be hard to control.

How does that sound? Good? GOOD! Go buy yourself a few over at our shop. Oh, and if you’re a boss Bingo caller then let us know, we need you! Any questions shout up here