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Another 700c x 26 Debate

This old chestnut! with the continued progression of FGFS and a many people switching to 26″ fixed, its understandable bike companies are trying to get their heads around which direction its going… I think companies like Grime offering their ‘Yo Mang’ frame as a 26″ and 700c version is the way as its mostly down to personal preference. Personally I’m gonna stick to 700c fixed, as I have a 26″ DJ bike and will be getting a new BMX for the park and street! Join in the debate this time over on Volumes website!

Volume Bikes Co.

Volume Vandal Build

When I first saw this frame earlier this week I was pretty sure it wasn’t designed specifically as a 26″ fixed freestyle frame, but I’m sure quite a few people did and will give it a try… but why fixed? I really like this bike and I’d prefer to ride it with a free wheel as a big bmx! rad!

Anyway what Volume say:

“Apparently our new Vandal frame has gotten a ton of feedback from all sorts of peeps in the industry, I mean blogs.  Is it a FGFS or a DJ?  The Vandal is basically our Sledgehammer 26″ BMX, except simplified.  We’re not saying it’s one or the other.  It’s a 26″ frame that was designed to easily maneuver around for whatever you ride; fixed, dirt or just cruise the curbs.”