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Matt Spencers – Volume Thrasher Build

I think you’ll agree this is a nice looking FGFS bike, its Matt Spencer’s new Volume bikes Thrasher setup. It’s filled to the brim with Resist and Demolition parts including the long awaited Congoloid bars, Resist cranks, and 14mm rear axled hubs etc.  Also whilst most others have moved to 26″ Matt is keeping it 700c real!

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Another 700c x 26 Debate

This old chestnut! with the continued progression of FGFS and a many people switching to 26″ fixed, its understandable bike companies are trying to get their heads around which direction its going… I think companies like Grime offering their ‘Yo Mang’ frame as a 26″ and 700c version is the way as its mostly down to personal preference. Personally I’m gonna stick to 700c fixed, as I have a 26″ DJ bike and will be getting a new BMX for the park and street! Join in the debate this time over on Volumes website!

Volume Bikes Co.

New Volume Website and New Cutter etc.

Volume Bike Co launch their new website now as a portal for BMX and for 700/26″. Expect lots of new changes and products soon, keep up to date with their new RSS feed which already displays 2011 products, including the new 26″ Sledge hammer complete and the upcoming Vandal frame… 26″ FGFS frame?? Also the updated Cutter frame which I showed previously from the Interbike lookbook is still having its last few mods before launch, check it out above with its curved seat tube…

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Big bikes by Volume

The new bike and frame selection by Volume Bike Co. for 2011, introducing the new Cutter with its curved seat tube, the Thrasher trick frame and the all new commuter bike, the Generator… Volume really appeal to me, cos they aren’t just about great quality and strength, but they realise bikes aren’t just all about riding from A to B, and with their BMX roots, they are all about having fun… it wouldn’t matter to me what bike I rode I’d still wanna hop it off a curb…  anyway I’m stoked on Volume and their sister companies Demolition and Resist they have supported the development of freestyle fixed and I can’t wait to finish my 3rd Volume build…

These were all snapped from Volume’s Interbike 2011 Lookbook / Resist Parts