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Barcelona bike theft

If you’ve been following @fixedshitup you’d know that I was  in Barcelona last week. Although I’d love to have taken my bike to cruise about on, I was still more than happy enough with the skateboard, its one of the best places in the world for street skating.

As you’d expect most people here ride bicycles and scooters, they have the Bicing scheme so people are on bikes everywhere and there are plenty of bike friendly bars, cafés and restaurants etc. The thing that did stand out to me was the amount of locks people where using on there bikes… the default seemed at least two U-Locks, locking both wheels, it seemed bike theft was as rife as London, but here the thieves seemed really obsessed with stealing the wheels…

Bike theft is big business these days, so always remember to lock your bike with at least one decent U-lock… or just use a beater bike if you have to lock it up on a daily basis.