Boikzmoind X Restrap

    Yorkshire cycling accessories brand Restrap and Boikzmoind have joined forces again, they have re-released the limited edition red Boikzmoind branded horizontal pedal straps along side a limited edition Shepard Fairey (Obey) influence Obunny shirt designed by the Boikzmoind film’s director Gavin Strange which is all pretty dam sick!  Get yours here › |… Continue reading Boikzmoind X Restrap

Böikzmöind HD + The Making Of – Digital Download

If you’ve not had the pleasure of watching this awesome Bristol based fixed gear bicycle film you can now buy it as a digital download. Gav “…BÖIKZMÖIND is now available to buy & download in glorious HD! It costs £5.99 and you get a big ol’ Zip file containing the film and the 20-minute behind-the-scenes… Continue reading Böikzmöind HD + The Making Of – Digital Download

Fixed ‘n’ Chips

THIS WEEKEND!! This is one not to be missed! If you’ve not heard already, Boikzmoind will be hosting a chip shop themed alleycat derived from their Thursday #ChipShopRide’s. As we can’t officially rep this time round we’re chucking a few prizes to show our support! wish I could be there! Keep up to date here »

Bike Stolen!

This really sucks! Gav had just been to BBC Bristol to take part in radio interview about fixed gear bikes and to talk about his Böikzmöind film, but when he arrived home afterwards, he realised his bike had been stolen from his hall. Please help get Gav’s (@boikzmoind) bike back please! #Bristol #Police #stolen