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The Ridge – Danny Macaskill

Danny takes a trip on his Santa Cruz Bronson tackling the Black Cuillin ridge.  Located on the Isle of Skye (Danny’s home on the west coast of Scotland) the ridge is infamous for its jagged trails, wild weather and dramatic climbing route up the “Inaccessible Pinnacle”.

The film says it all with the amazing views, Danny’s skillful riding and some slick aerial footage, a most watch!

MacAskill Conquers

Danny is the man when it comes to trials riding, he has a unique out look on his surroundings and performs insanely create shizzle! I really look forward to seeing this film ‘MacAskill Conquers’. Its mad for me to remember hearing rummors about Danny from the guys who used to work alongside him at McDonalds cycles in Edinburgh, to then meeting and seeing him ride at Bristo Square way before things blew up and to where he is today, mind blowing! sick as every Danny.