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DVS x Cadence – Milan CTC – Road Test 1

Hey, so I have been away back up in Glasgow working for the last three weeks and been off the bike due to not having my bike with me and resting an elbow injury. Well I got back yesterday with a fresh elbow and a lovely pair of DVS Milan CTC Cadence shoes which had arrived in the post… Thanks again Stu!! totally stoked.

So today the sun came out and I went for a warm up ride and shoe test. At first they felt a bit to stiff and was worried I wouldn’t have the same pedal feel of a Vans waffle sole, but within minutes they softened up and felt super comfy… they felt great on a BMX pedal,  just the right stiffness and support I need for cycling…they are nice and breathable!  Oooh and did I mention they look sick too! anyway I can’t wait to cycle to the skatepark and go skateboarding without have to switch shoes! watch this space for further updates.

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Cadence x DVS Milan CTC



DVS is proud to announce the development of its first cycling specific skate shoe. Designed in collaboration with influential cycling brand, Cadence, the Cadence X DVS Milan CTC has several bike specific performance and durability features that have never been used on a traditional skate shoe.

“From the beginning the goal was to create a cycling functional shoe that you can skate and walk around in all day,” says Cadence Owner Dustin Klein. “The result of our combined efforts is beyond what I had imagined.”

As a new category for DVS, The Milan CTC Cadence (Classic Tribute Cycling) has reflective detailing for nocturnal visibility, a stiffer lasting board that reduces leg fatigue and increases pedal stroke strength, and comes with specially designed patterning on the tongue that protects laces from toe cage damage. The shoe, however, functions equally as well as a skate shoe with all the skate-specific features as standard Milan CT.

Podium Distribution VP Brian Dunlap says developing a product for the cycling category was a very organic process. “I grew up racing BMX and bikes have always been a part of what I do. We wanted to go into the bike market with a shoe that we were 100% happy with. Involving Dustin and Cadence seemed like the most legit way to do it.”

The Milan CTC Cadence will be available at select skate and bike retail stores in May 2010.

Visit dvsshoes.com for more info in the future.