Fixed & Bingo

Yezz yizz yay!! get bleddy involved!! Prizes 1st — An Extra Strong Beast (ESB yo) frame and fork in an exclusive F&W colourway. 2nd — A bunch of great stuff from The 5th Floor, The Foot Down, Fixed Shit Up, Zlog, Rare Kind,Fixed, And What and the 4TN range. So the first person to get a full house gets 1st prize,… Continue reading Fixed & Bingo

Custom SuperTed Trick Frame

This is the frame I was stoked on in the previous post its a customer specific build, a one off perhaps… and not a new ESB… pffew! For all the gossip on this SuperTed Frame… go over to 14Bikeco. »

2 New Super Ted Bikes

Photo: Greg Falski Photo: Greg Falski Two nice new frames built by Ted, a tweaked ESB with massive tire clearance?? and the above road bike. Nice one Ted! both looking f##king dope!! I’m very keen for more details on that custom SuperTed, ESB frame and fork?? *Edit, aahh this explains it, this is not a… Continue reading 2 New Super Ted Bikes

14 Bike Co. ESB with another nice finish

If you didn’t see the previous satin clear coat finish go check it out this is another new powdercoat finish normally these sorts of colours come as an enamel finish 14 Bike co. got it locked! Where’s the 14 Bike trick fork? Read More »