The Ridge – Danny Macaskill

Danny takes a trip on his Santa Cruz Bronson tackling the Black Cuillin ridge.  Located on the Isle of Skye (Danny’s home on the west coast of Scotland) the ridge is infamous for its jagged trails, wild weather and dramatic climbing route up the “Inaccessible Pinnacle”. The film says it all with the amazing views, Danny’s skillful riding and some slick aerial… Continue reading The Ridge – Danny Macaskill

Red Bull Rampage Web Site

Checkout the new Red Bull Rampage dedicated web site showing all the final runs, rider profiles and news etc. If you haven’t seen Cam Zinks mental step down back flip go check it out pretty effin gnarley!

Sunshine Coast – Welcome the Trail Wizard

Sunshine Coast – Welcome the Trail Wizard from Joystick Bicycle Components on Vimeo. A really nice filmed MTB video always gets you in the mood for hitting the trails! and these guys are tearing them up!

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Chris Akrigg – five

Chris Akrigg – five from chris akrigg on Vimeo. The latest video from Chris Akrigg – ‘Five’… this has to one of my favourite videos he has released. Chris shows his mad skills on 5 very different bike disciplines… check it out full of sick riding and funny bits!

Framed II

FRAMED II from Mario Feil on Vimeo. A pretty awesome freeride MTB video of Andi Wittmann, which I’m sure you’ll agree is beautifully filmed well worth a watch! Read more here » Via: Dirt

Akrigg Rides Again

Akrigg Rides Again from chris akrigg on Vimeo. Heee’s back! Ok, I’m not into MTB trials one bit, but its good to see Chris back out and about on his bikes after a 2 year spate of bad luck.