Boikzmoind X Restrap

    Yorkshire cycling accessories brand Restrap and Boikzmoind have joined forces again, they have re-released the limited edition red Boikzmoind branded horizontal pedal straps along side a limited edition Shepard Fairey (Obey) influence Obunny shirt designed by the Boikzmoind film’s director Gavin Strange which is all pretty dam sick!  Get yours here › |… Continue reading Boikzmoind X Restrap

The North Race

From Monday 29th June till Sunday 1st July, Restrap and LSF are travelling to a place called Keld in the Yorkshire Dales. The trip is to promote the new “The North Race” website and will be filmed professionally by Crown and Owls Films. Look forward to this!!  

Restrap Prototype Bag

This looks spot on so far, I’m not a messenger bag fan I find them over priced and pretty shitty looking with no padding or decent compartments etc. but then I ain’t a bicycle messenger so I don’t need a bag for that functionality… I prefer comfort and support a cycling specific backpack would suit me better… Continue reading Restrap Prototype Bag