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Nike/SB x Shoo Goo

Most skaters will remember going through a phase of sticking shit loads of Shoe Goo on to the sides of a dieing skate shoe! trying to keep them alive for another sesh… skate shoes were more precious back in the old days as they weren’t in every shop in town and we had no money, so we had to make them last as long as possible…

Part of the Sept 08 SB Release comes this nice Dunk Hi and they are looking pretty fresh! A good strong release for Nike/SB its been awhile! nice features like duck tape panels and original Shoo Goo packaging details, plus a clear shoe goo like sole…. Nice!

Adidas Skateboarding – Michael Sieben

Most of you who read Thrasher Skateboard Magazine will be familiar with Michael Sieben…  also you maybe familiar with his artwork from other sources. He has recently designed a limited edition shoe range for Adidas skateboarding the website and video is all part of the promotion.
Adidas Skateboarding - Micheal Sieben
Adidas Skateboarding - Michael Sieben


Image source: www.FecalFace.com