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New Halo Fixed-G Track Hub

Pretty simple concept… slide the cog on to the splines and tighten it down… at the moment I’m running the 48H traditional Halo track hubs and I’m pretty blown away with them… although they need to do solid axle and a perhaps a 14mm conversion kit for the freestyle market.

Halo Fixed-G Hub
Groundbreaking innovation for fixed gear riders! A splined hub body (with cogs that slide on) and an independent lockring… that never has to handle rotational forces from the drive. Micro-gearing down to 12t and an adjustable chainline!

Halo Fix-G advantages:
• Easy and secure fixing & servicing.
• Adjustable chainline.
• Twin cog option (can run 2 cogs together.)
• Accepts from 12T + cogs (for compact gearing).
• No need for chainwhip tools.

Tech features:
Hi-polish custom CNC machined hub shell,
HG type fixed spline.
Japanese sealed bearings.
Hollow M10 Cr-Mo axle.
120mm spacing.
22mm “Large cone-faces” to avoid damage to frame.
includes cog spacers and alloy lockring.

Stronglight Track 2000 Chainset Review

These look real burley! good stuff from Stronglight, read the full review on Road.cc.

Stronglight Track 2000 chainset.preview_500

Via Road.cc

With ruggedly handsome looks and remarkable rigidity, it comes as little surprise Stronglight’s track 2000 is aimed primarily at track connoseurs. However, slipping straight aboard 107mm axles it’s spot on for bespoke or pretty production fixers and single-speeds but as it costs £89.95 (plus £49.95 for the ring) it’s far too tasty for hacks. Read More Here »